LoUd Life Crew

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LoUd Life Crew was founded in 2012 by Justin DeJesus aka SwizZy B, avid music fan and record enthusiast as well as Musician/Recording Artist. Inspired by the Culture and hard working talent surrounding the collective name, Desiree Fourquet, Current Co-Owner, A&R and In-House Photographer of LoUd Life Crew, LLC took it a step further by joining forces in 2013 as the Companies first Investor and Chairwomen. Their passion for artist development made LoUd Life Crew, LLC the home of choice for artists & producers such as Shak Getem, Mann LaGrand Flight, SwizZy B and many more. With over 6 years of recorded music history, our passion for artistry in music continues today as a new generation of incredible artists including Marvylus & Noopey Na’mon continue to further the LoUd Life Crew legacy.

Put The City On

Put The City On was Founded by Miguel Rivera. It is a Nationwide Booking Agency that specializes in Artist development by creating opportunities for upcoming artist all around the country. Put The City On Has started in Chicago in 2006 and has spread across the nation since.

SwizZy B



Our Origin Story

The Manikin Lounge and Live Music Venue is the birthchild of rumored immortal Tom Morris, a possible descendant of Vlad the Impaler. Tom having, been born in the late sixteenth century, has seen the world many times over. So out of necessity and at to avoid the risk of being bored to death by ordinary venues. He decided to create a haven for those that crave and feed on exhilarating natures.

Therefore he created Manikins, which is a place where he, his fellow kin, other supernaturals, and celestials could miraculously transcend together. So, come, and step away from the overwhelming mediocrity of minor venues. Choose whatever fabulous or ghostly essence you live to express, and experience the eclectic culture of the 80's Goth, Darkwave, Ebm, Industrial, New Wave, Rock, Metal, and other origins.


Yes, We Have Merch!

Who needs Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Channel when you can enhance your Goth style by wearing our darkest fashions. Gossiped to be created and designed by some of the best undead designers in the business. You too can represent the night. Lol, honestly, we started doing merch because a lot of you asked for it, and now we have it.

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407 Sanford Ave, 32771, US
Phone: 321-287-3618
Email: undead@manikinslounge.com