Relinquere Inhibitionibus

Relinquish Your Inhibitions

Omissis omnibus inhibitionibus qui huc intratis:

Translates to "Abandon all inhibition ye who enter here." Mankins is the place to abandon not only your inhibitions but to free yourself from the mundaneness that confounds your existence. Located here in Central Florida, Manikins has become a home for those near and far. Our friends travel from all over to share with us. We have friends that have found us internationally and have made it a point to stop in and say hi.

Locally, we love to boast about our badass family of regulars fans and friends that make our atmosphere great. Together, our friends and (our undead) staff make Manikins one of the top spots to hang out. So whether you're Goth, Vampire, Observer, Pure in Essence, or some alternate form of nature, the Manikins Lounge is a haven where you can be your true self among a host of others.


Yes, We Have Merch!

Who needs Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Channel when you can enhance your Goth style by wearing our darkest fashions. Gossiped to be created and designed by some of the best undead designers in the business. You too can represent the night. Lol, honestly, we started doing merch because a lot of you asked for it, and now we have it.

Thanks for your support


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Phone: 321-287-3618
Email: undead@manikinslounge.com